2014 44CLASH hosts competitors in below five divisions (Preliminary: one minute, Final: three minutes)

Seeded players
Players who correspond to any of below are seeded to Finals of 44CLASH 2014.

1. Champion of 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, X division from either of below 6 contests. * The winner of the X division will be able to choose which of 3A, 4A or 5A to get the seed for.
*Please note that the winner of divisions other than 1~5A and X division (ie. AP, OPEN division…etc.) do not have seed for 44CLASH 2014.

2. Guest players from Platinum/Gold class sponsors.

Music/Performance time

Please put your music on CD-R and submit to the staff on the day of event.
(We do not accept music player or other media music submission. Please submit CD-R.)

Please submit the CD-R to the sound crew at the right side of the stage just before your performance.

Please submit the CD-R after the result of Preliminary is announced on Day 1, or at the reception when entering the venue on Day 2. (For seeded players: Please submit the CD-R after the result of Preliminary is announced on Day 1.)

Freestyle Rules for 44CLASH 2014

Each freestyle will be evaluated based on the below rules.

[Technical Points]

Judges evaluate below four categories from 0 to 12.5 points, total 50 points.

■Difficulty: Total 12.5 points■
Contestant will be given points for difficulty of tricks and combos during the performance, considering the level and risk of them.
  • Any miss during the performance might affect the point.
  • The number of the tricks performed is not subject of this point.
■Trick Structure: Total 12.5 points■
Structure level of tricks and combos will be evaluated.
  • Does the performance fit the style considering the division?
  • Are the tricks and combos combined efficiently in the routine? Do they involve creative or technical elements?
■Proficiency: Total 12.5 points■
Judges will evaluate the skill of controlling yoyo and string.
  • Does the player control the yoyo as planned?
  • Are the tricks and combos performed smoothly?
■Execution: Total 12.5 points■
Judges will see and evaluate if the routine is performed as planned.
  • The main point for this category is not the mastery of perfection of each trick, but the completion of all tricks.
  • For this category, any yoyo stop or yoyo change will not be subject of deduction as long as it is intended or is a part of a trick.
  • If there is any mistake in the routine, it might or might not affect the points depending on how good the player recovers.

[Performance Points]

Judges evaluate below two categories from 0 to 25 points, total 25 points.

■Music Points: Total 25 points■
Music use for the routine will be evaluated.
  • Does the music seem to fit the freestyle theme?
  • Are the tricks timed to match the beat of the music?
  • Necessity of music.
    *There will be no advantage or disadvantage for using a specific genre of music.
■44CLASH Coolness Points: Total 25 points■
We will judge if the player performs the freestyle to show the yo-yoing as a “Cool” thing.
Here we define “Coolness” as that of yo-yoing considering that yo-yoing is one of the street culture or extreme sports.
What Judges see for this category is that if player performs the freestyle in the same level as how other sports (Street dance, Freestyle basketball…etc.) entertain people. We will also see how the freestyle fit the atmosphere and the concept of 44CLASH.

*Judges will evaluate both Technical/Performance Points from 0 to 10 points, and specific multiplier coefficient will be applied for each Points (TE: 1.25, PS:2.5) to calculate the final score.

*Any player who got less than 40.0 points in total at Preliminary will be disqualified and cannot proceed to Final.

[Manner during the freestyle]

◆You may be disqualified to asked to leave the contest if you yell out something explicit or do something that is dangerous towards other people.

◆Except below items, bringing in non yoyo items (other than yoyos, strings, counter-weights, gloves) is okay. Please use those non yo-yo items to make the freestyle more appealing with your ideas.
Items that are prohibited to use for freestyle:

In case you are bringing in any non yoyo item for the freestyle, please let us know in the entry form or before the event.

◆Please be quick for preparing and clearing up on stage, and be sure to leave the stage within two minutes after performing the freestyle. Anyone who takes too much time on stage and affect the contest schedule might be disqualified.

◆There are no special restrictions on the manufacturer, type, parts or modifications used for a freestyle yoyo.

◆Anyone other than the player should not use a yoyo on the stage.

◆Please do not perform at the edge of the stage since there is a risk of falling off.

Please note that if you do not follow above rules, your might get disqualified and asked to leave the venue even during the freestyle.
If you are not sure if your freestyle is observing the rules or not, please feel free to contact us in advance.

☆How we came up with the original Performance Points.

[Music Points]

44CLASH has always been held at a club. This is because as an organizer of the event, we would like the players to perform the best freestyle with the best sound environment.
What we think the most important thing for a “club” is “music”. Considering that 44CLASH is a special yoyo event that takes place at a club, we were always thinking that the harmony of players’ freestyles and the music should be properly evaluated. With these thoughts, we came up with our original Music Points which has high portion of whole points.

[44CLASH Coolness Points]

Ever since we started 44CLASH, our main concept of the event is to show the “Coolness” of yoyos which is not just a toy. Looking back on this concept, we had come up with a new rule that completely fits this concept.
 Of course, our first plan was to include the point categories such as Showmanship, Entertainment, Professionalism, Body Control…etc. which are often seen in many yoyo contests. However, our conclusion was to include these categories in “Coolness” category since we thought every “Cool” performance involves advanced professionalism, and entertain the audience.
 We think the portion of this points (25% of whole points) is not too much considering the main concept of 44CLASH, and at the same time we believe 44CLASH is the only event that has the most unique and exciting rules among the whole yoyo events/contests.

For Performance Points, we will be evaluating just two categories “Music Points” and”44CLASH Coolness Points”. Some people might think this is weird, or the rule setting is too rough.

However, how we set this rule reflects our will and the main concept of the 44CLASH.

We believe that under this rule, players can perform the best freestyles on the stage, while the audiences enjoy the special performances that cannot be seen at any other contests.

Lastly, for those who will be performing at 44CLASH 2014, please prepare the best freestyles. And for the audiences who will come to our event, please be prepared for the best performances ever.

44CLASH Staff